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Ana Lucia Gardeazabal

Honu Surf 8

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The "Honu de Mar" Collection is inspired by the beautiful island of Oahu and its sea life. The name of the collection was inspired by the friendship of both artists and the fun mix of cultures between them. "Honu" in Hawaiian means "turtle" and "De Mar" in Spanish means "of the sea". Sheila Chen and Ana Lucia Gardeazabal worked together to share with you a one of a kind piece.

The pine wood frames are handmade and stained by Ana Lucia, to ensure the best quality and longevity for this piece. Ana Lucia poured resin coats with pure pigments to cover the piece and try to achieve the fluid movements of the ocean and the sky.

Each turtle is uniquely made with the technique developed by the artist Sheila Chen called impawsto. The colorful strokes of paint give a different personality to each honu.


8in x 8in 

Resin and acrylic on wood frame

To help preserve this piece, please keep away from direct sunlight. If needed, you can clean the surface of the piece with glass cleaner and a gentle cloth.