Flores de Hawai'i

The "Flores de Hawai'i" Collection is inspired by the beautiful island of Oahu and its flora. The pieces are named in Spanish, “Primavera” (spring), “Verano” (summer), “Otoño” (fall), and “Invierno” (winter) to portray how seasons look and feel in Hawai'i. 
On the islands, we are lucky enough to have these beautiful flowers bloom throughout the year, adding splashes of color all around.

Flores de Hawai'i

Rainbow Tide Collection

The combination of two of the most beautiful things in Hawai'i, rainbows and the ocean. Living in Hawai'i means that you will most likely see a rainbow and the ocean everyday. This is a piece can bring a piece of sunshine into your home.

Rainbow Tide

Honu de Mar Collection

Inspired by the beautiful island of Oahu and its sea life. The name of the collection was inspired by the friendship of both artists and the fun mix of cultures between them. "Honu" in Hawaiian means "turtle" and "De Mar" in Spanish means "of the sea".

Sheila Chen and Ana Lucia Gardeazabal worked together to share with you a one of a kind piece.

Honu de Mar

Rainbow Bridge Tide Pieces

In honor of Romeo, Ana Lucia's 10 year old dog who lost his battle to cancer. She always pictures him happy in a rainbow bridge ocean with other dogs that also loved the ocean. It is very difficult to lose a pet and the artist hopes that this piece can give you a glimpse of pets being happy at the rainbow bridge.

Rainbow Bridge Tide