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Ana Lucia Gardeazabal

Flores de Hawai’i Ornament

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Round 4.25”


The "Flores de Hawai'i" Collection is inspired by the beautiful island of Oahu and its flora. The name of the collection and its pieces are inspired by the mix of cultures between Hawai'i and Mexico. The pieces are named in Spanish, “Primavera” (spring), “Verano” (summer), “Otoño” (fall), and “Invierno” (winter) to portray how seasons look and feel in Hawai'i. On the islands, we are lucky enough to have these beautiful flowers bloom throughout the year, adding splashes of color all around.

Ana Lucia poured resin coats with pure pigments to cover the piece and try to capture the fluid movements of the vibrant colors within the hibiscus. Each flower is uniquely detailed with acrylic paintThe colorful strokes of paint give a different essence to each flower.


Resin and acrylic on wood round piece

To help preserve this piece, please keep away from direct sunlight. If needed, you can clean the surface of the piece with glass cleaner and a gentle cloth.